3 Reasons Sandbox Studios Will Take Your Project To The Next Level

Every artist wants the best for their music. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ll probably want the same thing: the best execution and delivery for your art, at a reasonable price. 

And while artists usually start their work at home, making a professional product often requires a proper recording facility, an experienced engineer, not to mention professional songwriters and producers (just to name a few). 

And as every artist knows, that can cost some serious cash (or credit, or like 60 burritos paid back over a six month period).

But times are a’changin’. 

With the rise of booth only production shops, high-quality low-cost equipment, and dedicated business people, budget production is now in reach for a lot more artists. It’s that shift which gave Toronto its very own Sandbox Studios: a one-stop shop for professional production on a budget.  

Now that there’s a viable alternative to $1500/day studio time, let’s look at three big reasons for recording your next project at Sandbox.


Professional Space at Affordable Prices


Sandbox understands how many talented artists are in that critical stage of needing good quality recording, mixing, and mastering. It’s an essential component of advancing an artist’s career. 

Thankfully, where there’s a creative need, there’s rookz and a Sandbox (I mean ... way).

The studio provides artists with professional production space that’s accessible at consistently low prices. Sandbox’s mission is to remove barriers to entry for artists who, like most, are hustling multiple jobs to fund their passion for music and media. It’s a tough gig. Which is why, even at our price point, we offer artists industry-leading production tools and equipment to make sure the job gets done right.

High-Quality Equipment and Software



Most artists have heard of Logic or Pro Tools. But most only get to use them after several hours figuring out how the crack from that Russian torrent gets passed the registration window. And that’s before you even have a mic! Or plugins! Again, it’s a tough gig. Here’s the reality: even though technology makes music more accessible by the year, the equipment is often still too expensive for most artists. Not to mention it can take months to become proficient in using it.

Sandbox has curated the equipment and programs needed for recording and creating that professional sound artists need to market their work. With Sir KR Moore, the knowledgeable senior engineer who sources the equipment he deems necessary for great music, any artist who records at Sandbox can relax and focus on their craft and performance. No need to worry about Pro Tools clock glitches, sample rates, or whether the mic is ‘too bright’. KR’s got it covered with his years of experience using the latest tech. 

And it’s not just software and hardware Sandbox can help with. Music is about emotion and storytelling. An artist’s performance brings those feelings to life for their audience, and that’s the true value of great music. Sandbox can help artists find their voice while behind the glass, and help them get the most out of their work. 


A Second Set of Ears: Insight and Guidance



KR’s experience makes him an extremely valuable guide in the creative process. At every stage of production, or during artist development sessions, he is an empathetic and perceptive listener who provides helpful insight. His feedback is delivered in a friendly and constructive way that builds up the artist. 

This allows the artist to work in a professional environment where they also feel comfortable enough to be open. Receiving emotional and creative advice is hard, but it can help make an artist’s project reach its true potential. KR is understanding of the challenges that every artist might encounter in navigating the creative process. This gives the artist access not only to the professional equipment needed, but also to a fresh pair of ears whose experience and skill can greatly help them with their music.


In Closing


Sandbox’s vision includes artists at every level. We seek to help open the door for artists and help them on their way. Through access to affordable prices, professional space, high-quality equipment, and an experienced perspective, Sandbox hopes to help lift up aspiring creatives to new heights.  

DISCLAIMER: All of the photos used in this blog post are free stock images from www.unsplash.com. They are not representations of the actual facilities, equipment, or persons at Sandbox Studios.