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We call it the truth booth, often because it’s the first time our clients truly hear themselves.  The perfect formula of mic, equipment, and of course our engineers.  We guarantee the best sound and feel while recording with us.

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Instrumentals are the backbone of any song, we all know that.  So let’s create something amazing together with our in-house producers who’ve worked with some of the biggest artists in the game.  No matter what genre, our team can create it. 

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Mixing and Mastering is the finish touch to a great song.  It brings the vision of the song together and makes it easier to listen to.  It’s the difference between someone hearing your song and sharing it or turning it off immediately. 

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At Sandbox Studios, we have very quickly been able to carve out a space of our own amongst so many other recording studios in the city.  Mainly because we don't see ourselves that way, as just a recording studio.  We see ourselves as your home, so much so that we've designed the space to look and feel that way.  So that you feel as comfortable and confident as you do in your room, your most sacred and creative space.  The place you dream big dreams, think up great ideas and never fear being your truest you.  Sandbox is a judgement free environment focused on DEVELOPING artists, not just recording them.  

With everyone from artists, producers, publishers, A&R and lawyers frequenting the space, Sandbox has quickly become well known for it's network and incredibly clean sound for a boutique studio with many of their clients making a break into radio, film or television with their Sandbox recordings. Located in Cabbagetown, Downtown Toronto, Sandbox works with homegrown talent to those just stepping off a stage while on tour.  Celebrating 3 years, Sandbox has proven to that with a clear vision, a little bit of imagination, and a disciplined work ethic you can create anything... In a Sandbox.